April 06, 2011

Body Image and Exercise

If you have been reading, you may have noticed I haven't been weighing in each week since the Biggest Loser contest ended. That would be because my scale broke just days before the end of the contest, and I have been without one since. I'm planning to buy a new one this week sometime, so hopefully we will see where I am.

What I'm about to share with you is one of the hardest topics for me to talk about, so please be aware that I am using this post to help heal and become more knowledgeable about my needs in weight loss.

Tonight I'm going to sit down with one of the trainers at the gym and ask a few questions. My main question is going to be about lose skin and arm exercises. One of my major areas of my body that I am the most self conscious about are my arms. Ever since I started gaining weight (right about after puberty hit) alot of fat/muscle developed in my arms. My arm muscles developed very quickly and without sustaining that the muscle quickly turned into flabby arms. I've dealt with this since I was a teenager! It would really bring down my self-esteem too. When I gained the most weight after giving birth my arms continued to get worse, and became even larger. As I began to loose weight the fat in my arms decrease and within the last 3-4 months I've noticed a drastic change. I have more muscles formation and less fat build up, but at the same time I am still dealing with loose skin and flabby arms!!

So, my focus will be working on ways to decrease my arms! I want to be have a positive body image, and am feeling that image grow in me every day. I do not feel shame about (most) of my body and can wear clothes and styles again. I have taken back my life, not just the physical realm, but the activities and the joy that surrounds us every day!

I will post the results of the chat with the trainer tomorrow!

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