April 02, 2011

Jullian Michales Weight Loss tip...

I have a daily tip that I receive from Jillian Michaels every day on my phone and I wanted to share today's tip with you!

"It's always important to be honest with yourself about how much your relationships are really affecting your attempts to lead a healthier life. Many people blame their partner, for example, when they themselves should take on more responsibility. It's easy to blame someone else when you don't make it to the gym in the morning, but is it really that person's fault? If you have a clear goal, your motivation and determination must come from within - not from an outside source. The support of your loved ones in invaluable, but those who always lean on someone else to motivate them will never succeed."

Take this to heart in your goals and learn something from what she is telling us. It's important to lean on yourself more then others and build your confidence in ways that no one else can do for yourself.

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