June 22, 2011

Pain is only temporary!

Yesterday I had my double class day at the gym, and this morning I am feeling the results of those 2 hours! I had such a difficult time during those 2 hours. The little devil on my shoulder just kept telling me how nice it was outside and that I should go home and spent it with my family, eat dinner and don't worry about your workout today. But, I knew it wasn't the real me talking. I knew I needed to be in the class and focused. I still compare myself to the other people in the gym when I'm there. I hate that I do this, but it's inevitable when you have spent most of your life doing this behavior. I can easily look at a picture of myself now without cringing and see the amazing results of all my hard work, but at the same time I look at myself in the mirrors along the wall of the group X classroom and I see the work I still need to do. I see flabby arms and thighs, and abs that still aren't sucked in all the time, and I feel the pain my knees and feet have been through from being over weight overtime. I know this can be counterproductive, but in the middle of an intense workout in can also motivate me. I can't let that devil on my shoulder get me away from my goals. I have to remind myself that less then 6 months ago I still struggles in these classes, and now I am up front working it out with all the "skinny" girls!

When I woke up this morning my body hurt everywhere. My toes hurt, my butt from 145+ lunches and 14.5 pound squat lifts, my shoulders hurt from push-ups and numerous other exercises, but then as I drank my coffee and watched the latest episode of Extreme Makeover: weight loss edition I realized the pain is only temporary, the transformation is not! I am so blessed to have the people in my life who are there every day to help me get through this transformation. My husband and all of my family, the amazing instructors and trainers at the gym, and so many of my new friends at the gym all support me 100% every time I walk into that gym!

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