August 09, 2011

100 pounds lost.....almost

I am 1.5 pounds away from losing my first 100 pounds! It feels like it's taken me forever to reach this goal, and that I could have done it at a faster rate, but I know I wouldn't have learned what I have learned in the last year and half! I want to celebrate this milestone in my life somehow and I am here to ask you readers what should I do!? I do NOT want food involved, and I DO want activity involved. What would you do if you reached a goal that you never thought possible? How would you celebrate in your life? Who would you tell, and who would you thank? I'm going to tell everyone, and God is who I will thank first! Not only do I pray before all my workouts, but I also feel empowered by the word of God when I am struggling with weight loss. This support has given me great guidance in life. My husband is who gives me support and validation whenever I need it most. He gives me so much time to do what I need to do for my health, and though he's had to make many sacrifices for it we are better for it! The instructors and trainers at my gym motivate, encourage, teach, and train me for all that I need on a daily basis. I've developed great friendships with many of them, as well as many of the other members in my classes. This journey is in no way over, but the road looks much shorter then it use to. I've been so blesses to have developed a love and passion for exercise and health, one that I never thought would come upon me.

1 and half more pounds to a huge benchmark, then 80 more to go! Yes, 80 MORE pounds to lose. I may not get to that right away, but it's a long term plan! So, tell me what will I do to celebrate this huge accomplishment!?

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