August 18, 2011

100 pound milestone!

Current Weight: 232.5
Total weight loss = 100.5 pounds!

WOW, I did it - I lost 100 pounds. It feels so good to know that I went from my heaviest weight and lowest point mentally to this amazing feeling in my life now. Now, I am by no means finished here! I'm not even in wonderland yet (in the 100 pounds range). I have work to do, and I have to keep it at a slow and steady pace. My primary goal at the moment is not to lose a huge amount of weight actually - I am in the process of trying to get pregnant you see, and my body needs to learn to maintain now in order to be ready for a 9 month change! I'm so exhilarated to have reached this goal before becoming pregnant, and feel so ready to take on the next phase.

Here are some of my goals to keep me going every day...

I will keep exercising like a mad-woman!
I won't over-indulge in food and junk!
I will keep a healthy and low budget meal plan for my family.
I won't over-eat due to stress!
I will find outlets for my emotions!
I won't forget to stretch!
I will run a 5K in 2012!
I won't let pain get in my way!
I will love myself!
I won't criticize myself if I make a mistake!
I will keep on fighting!
Photo of Me (on the left) and my Workout Buddy Candice

Here are some of the ways I hope to keep going in my exercise...
The gym:
I of course don't see any reason I'd ever give up my passion for exercise, and that passion is strong when it comes to my group classes. Zumba, Body Combat, and Body Pump are 3 of the main ways I burn calories and keep my body moving for an hour or more each day!

Everyday life: I have a 3 year old, so let's face it I'm always on my feet! I take walks, many, many walks to the park, the library, or just around our town. I work in the yard, chase the dog, and kick a ball around! We go hiking, or trail walking often. Special days include trips to the Zoo or OMSI, or any other amazing children's activities we have in our great Pacific NW! We love farmer's markets, and work in our church gardens. I'm always cleaning something in our house, climbing the stairs, or just plan scrubbing! I rarely stop, and that's all before I make it the gym in the evening!

The Future: I hope to be pregnant soon, and that comes with complications to weight loss and extreme exercise. Of course with a normal pregnancy you can do just about the same routine as before, but as many of you know I won't be having a normal pregnancy. Due to my previous pregnancy I will be watched very closely, as well as have a low impact rule applied to me for exercise. My plan already includes adding in water Zumba once a week, and with my increased weight loss since the doc since last saw me I'm hoping I will be able to keep up on a moderate level of Body pump (weight lifting) and some Zumba and Combat. If all else fails, I'll just sit on a bike, walk on a treadmill, and use the elliptical as much as I can to keep active and healthy!



  1. Way to go! You are such an inspiration!

  2. As are you Kate! I love reading your blog very much!