January 19, 2012

Quick tips to sucess

Here's some of my off the cuff quick tips that I'm using for succeed in the Biggest Loser Contest!

1. Count Calories - I'm using my fitness pal on IPhone to keep track, best AP I've found for this!

2. Stay Accountable - I'm using a few methods for accountability. My instructors all know my plan and will keep me going, this blog will be my daily/weekly check in on my progress, and all my friends who will be cheering me on.

3. Get enough sleep - read about that here

4. Limit the stress - my stress generally includes daily life, so my plan this week has been to get life in order! Have my house clean, laundry all put away, and then use my "motivated mom" AP on my IPhone to keep me on task with daily chores. Blogging will also help with stress, as well as a weekly yoga class.

5. Limit caffeine & Sugar - other diets I've read and liked have had a huge decrease in sugar and I will be reading and working more on that area as I am generally drinking many cups of coffee a day with a lot of sugar! This can easily pack on the pounds over a long period of time!

6. Keep a schedule & Have a plan - I'll be posting my workout and daily schedule soon, and have it all planned out on my IPhone to help me stay on task and not miss my classes/exercise times.

7. Keep a food budget - it's easy to throw out the budget when you're on a diet and eat all organic and name brand foods, but this isn't a reality for me. I will be feeding my family other foods outside of my diet and have to keep to our budget on food & eating out in order to be successful!

8. Have fun - with all this exercise and planning it can be hard to remember the fun stuff. Going work in date nights, play dates with Julia, and special times with my friends!

9. Chew sugar free gum/mints - don't drink water all day, it can cause water retention, so just stick to the 8 cups a day and when you are feeling thirsty/hungry then it's time to chew some gum and produce some saliva in your mouth (it will trick your mind into thinking you are eating).

10. Every day is a new day - if you didn't get everything in that you had planned, then tomorrow is a new day, so don't stress!

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  1. Good ideas! It's a lot of tracking and planning ahead, but should get you some good results! I am cheering for you!!