January 20, 2012

Week 1: Weigh-in

Today was weigh-in day! I’m so excited for this contest and know I’m going to completely rock it! I’m also feeling a little disappointed in my past performance in the last 6 months, knowing I’ve put on weight and haven’t focused on staying as fit as I could be. When I ended the contest last year I was at 242 pounds and a 45.5% body fat, and this year I am at 245.4 pounds and a 44.8% body fat. To me, this shows I built muscle and due to that I gained some weight from that muscle. So, I’m going to look at that as I have a huge step to take in making this next part of my journey so much more important!

Each week I will post my weight & measurements along with a picture! So, these are the main measurements I’ll have.

Bust: Place the measuring tape across your nipples and measure around the largest part of your chest. Be sure to keep the tape parallel to the floor.
Chest: Place the measuring tape just under your breasts/pecs and measure around the torso while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.
Waist: Place the measuring tape about a 1/2 inch above your bellybutton (at the narrowest part of your waist) to measure around your torso. When measuring your waist, exhale and measure before inhaling again.
Hips: Place the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips/buttocks and measure all the way around while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Day 1/Week 1:
Weight: 245.4
Body fat %: 44.8
BMR: 1,884
Predicted Weight: 185.4
Weight to lose: 60 pounds

Bust: 46.5”
Chest: 42”
Waist: 47”
Hips: 51”

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  1. What is BMR? I am not familiar with this statistic.