February 17, 2012

Week 4 Weigh in

Week 4:
Weight: 228
Weight Lose = 4 pounds
Total weight loss = 17.5 pounds

Bust: 44.75” – 43.5”
Chest: 39” – 39”
Waist: 41.5” – 39.5”
Hips: 49” – 48.5”
Total inches lost = 2.25” inches

It’s amazing how much better I feel about a 4 then I did about a 2 this week. I’m excited for next week, and know that I will have to keep charging forward to keep up my momentum. From a percentage stand point; there is one woman ahead of me in weight loss. She started out lower then me, and has lost more then me. I’m determined to win, so my goals will be stronger and stricter this coming week. I’m going to put it out there for all of you to know – I’m shooting for 6.5 pounds a week from this point forward. These past two weeks have made for some catch up!

For those who missed it, I posted a challenge on facebook to get me on the treadmill and be accountable. I would go 1 minute for every like I had on that post. I got up to 40 likes, and then I doubled it. This was an intense workout – where my hamstrings were burning and adding in 1 minute sprints added to the challenge. I will do this again this week, giving you all a longer time frame to get the time up on my workout.

I’ve really appreciated all the support everyone has given me over the past weeks, and continue to need it and thrive from it. You all are my cheerleaders, and keep me so accountable for what I am doing. If anyone wants to workout with me, challenge me, or just help me in anyway let me know!

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