June 23, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Step 2 & 3

Remember our 7 steps to success? This week we are going to focus on steps 2 and 3. Here's a recap of those steps...
2. Start small: Don’t expect to lose 5, 10, or even 20 pounds in the first week or month. Making small steps in your weight loss will give you small results, and in turn you will have huge results in the end.

3. Have support: Have an accountability partner!!! I didn’t think I would need this when I first started, that my blog would be enough. Then I began to get bored of it all and just when I started to need one God walked her right into my sights for what I needed. Someone who I can confess to about my poor choices, someone who has a shared goal of weight loss and healthy living, and someone who is willing to go to the gym with me and work just as hard to get those results. I can’t say it more; having someone to talk to, workout with, or even to cook with can be so beneficial to your weight loss.
So, making small steps in your weight loss can sometimes be challenging because the road ahead of you will feel so long and bumpy, but that road you are on is worth the long trip. So, put on your fast pace music and allow the road to keep going. The longer you take the more focused you will become in making these steps in yourself. This road is all about you, but along the way it's important to pick up a few hitchhikers and friends who are going to help you navigate your way to end. The biggest and most important accountability partner I have is God, and he knows when I am being truthful and when I am ready to see the truth in myself. He is my leader in my journey, no matter what I am focusing on. But, the others I rely on such an important aspect of my weight loss too. My husband, who helps me cook and make healthy choices, is with me through this 24/7 and I couldn't ask for someone more supportive. He even went out and bought me new shoes for the gym for my birthday! My besttest girl friend and gym buddy is my other partner though this. We spend so much time making salads, talking about deserts, and working out at the gym.

Now, even if you're going to have these people helping you to attain your goals please remember the ultimate person in charge of your weight loss is YOU. You have to be accountable to yourself at all times. If your spouse wants to eat extras and junk food, you don't have to (trust me, I know how hard that is) and if your gym buddy can't make it to the gym that night you still can so just go! Don't allow anyone but yourself to be in charge.

Weekly Challenge: Check in with someone at least 3 times this week on your goals. Talk to them about any challenges you are experiencing and if they are having any themselves. Focus on losing 1 pound this week!

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